with Joe and Jaimie

Truly an exhilarating experience! Joe my instructor was amazing and had a fantastic sense of humor! I had Jaimie who did my video and pictures she was great everything was sent straight to my email on my drive home. Super fast service! Truly an unforgettable experience! I greatly appreciate this opportunity!! Thank you so much Jumptown!!!!


with Mark Wilson

Looking down from the top of the world and a second later falling into pure bliss. The experince is nothing my wildest dreams could have dreamt. Thank you MARK WILSON for making a dream come true and a unforgettable time. The atmosphere at jump town is amazing, the level of professionalism along with making you feel relaxed is incredible. I can not wait to come back. See you in the sky.


with Chris and Joe

What an amazing experience! As a first time jumper, everyone made you feel so comfortable and safe. From the person checking you in at the desk to landing… they answered all my questions without hesitation. The photos and videos were phenomenal! A wonderful keepsake. I highly recommend!! I will certainly be going back.