19 Dec

You have figured out what to wear for school or work. You know what to wear when you are running, biking, or hiking, but it's not every day you go skydiving. So, what threads should you don? Lucky for you this is something we do often, and we have the perfect wardrobe in mind-let's go head-to-toe starting with your dome:

If you're the glasses wearing kind, you may be wondering whether it's okay to keep your glasses on while skydiving. When you jump with us at Jumptown, we will provide you with a pair of goggles and a helmet. We have goggles that fit comfortably over your glasses-so don't worry about missing out on the spectacular sights!

woman wears glasses under goggles skydiving

Ladies, try not to wear hairstyles that are too tall. High-ponytails and top-buns will not fit comfortably under the helmet we provide. Instead, try to come with your hair in a style that lays closer to the head but is still manageable and can be easily tucked under the helmet.


Come dressed for success, and consider the weather! Ultimately, you want to be comfortable with what you are wearing. This allows you to be entirely focused on the skydive and not distracted by clothing that is too tight or ill-suited for our New England weather.

At Jumptown, we have safety, the best experience, and your comfort in mind, and so, we only jump when the weather is conducive. Jumptown operates throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Here are some seasonal tips on what to wear skydiving:


In the spring and fall, there are bound to be chilly days here in Orange, Massachusetts. Consider wearing a base layer, a long sleeve shirt, and a low-volume fleece or sweatshirt on top of it all. On the bottom half, Under Armour or a similar thermal layer beneath your pants or jeans will help to keep you warm, cozy, and comfortable.

After all, the temperature at altitude will average around 30 degrees lower than the temperature on the ground, and while you will be passing through the different 'levels' fairly quickly, you will still want to consider the chill you may feel! If you wear layers, you can adjust for the changes in temperature throughout the day.


In the summer, all those layers won't be necessary. It is best to just dress comfortably for the weather on the ground. We don't want you to sweat up a storm, so feel free to wear shorts and a t-shirt.

man wears shorts and t-shirt skydiving at Jumptown

The jumpsuit question: to wear or not to wear?

At Jumptown, we keep your comfort in mind, and during all seasons, we will provide you with a jumpsuit to put on over your clothing if you choose. While your outfit may not shine on video, wearing a jumpsuit does help to protect your clothing and your skin on landing. By adding this protective layer, you can avoid grass stains on your clothes and potential scrapes to exposed skin. However, we will leave it up to you to choose, and it is not required.

man wears jumpsuit skydiving at Jumptown


Last but not least, don't forget about your feet! Appropriate footwear is essential! Loose fitting shoes such as slip-ons or sandals just aren't suited for skydiving. For starters, when you wear these types of footwear, you risk losing your shoes to the sky! Even a lightweight flip-flop falling from thousands of feet in the air can be a safety concern for a spectator on the ground. Also, consider skydiving like you would any sort of active sport. We doubt you'd wear wedges or strappy sandals exploring the outdoors and running around. Truly, it is best to wear a pair of comfortable lace-up shoes such as sneakers while skydiving.


Can I wear accessories while skydiving?

Accessories are perfect items to accent lovely outfits, but they do not add anything to your skydive. Try to keep jewelry to a minimum- we don't want you to lose them in freefall.

If you're getting video...

Do: wear bright, easily noticeable colors.

Yellow, orange and red contrast nicely with the blue sky and stand out well in freefall photos.

woman wears orange top skydiving at Jumptown

Do: consider wearing a shirt with a message or put a message on your palms.

If you're celebrating a birthday or want to show your support for a favorite team, the perfect way to do so can be with a shirt printed with a message. You can even write messages on your hands to display to the videographer. This adds a nice touch to any video.

Do: have fun!

As long as it is comfortable and is appropriate for the weather on the ground, you can even wear a costume on the skydive. There's nothing quite as neat as a photo of Spiderman on a tandem skydive!

Don't: wear something too-low cut.

You probably want to keep your video G-rated so you can share it with friends and family. During the skydive, you are falling at terminal velocity and wouldn't want anything to slip out.

Above all: remember to interact with the videographer and smile!

If you have any other questions about what to wear skydiving, please contact a member of the Jumptown team. We're here to help!