07 Feb

The weather is beginning to warm, and here at Jumptown, it is a sign that the commencement of the skydiving season is just around the corner. What better way is there to set the stage for a great and safe return to the air than with Safety Day? We will be hosting Safety Day Saturday, March 24th. While you may not realize it, Safety Day is one of the most important days in the skydiving calendar, and it is much more than sitting around and listening to lectures. Safety Day is a way to get everyone proactively involved in the safety culture of the drop zone. More often than not, Safety Day serves to open up a forum for discussion that benefits jumpers anywhere along the spectrum from novice to ninja, and we want you to join us!


Safety Day has been an annual part of the skydiving calendar for some time now. The idea for safety day came originated with Patti Chermis and was officially established in 1997. The United States Parachute Association, of which Jumptown is a proud member, promotes Safety Day as an excellent way to prepare jumpers for the year ahead. At Jumptown, we will try to make our Safety Day fun and yet, thorough.


We all know that skydiving involves inherent risks, but we also know there is a great deal that can be done to mitigate those risks. The majority of accidents are the result of human error, and one of the peak seasons for skydiving related injuries occurs just after the winter months. The lapse in currency that occurs when the cold comes can cause problems. After the chill induced hiatus, our skills and familiarity with proper emergency procedures may have become a tad bit rusty. As we shake off the dust of winter, we can do quite a bit to make sure we return to skydiving in a safe and well-prepared manner. The programs offered on safety day will help to keep jumpers abreast of new developments and provide an opportunity to review pertinent information and procedures.


Experienced skydivers can expect several beneficial seminars to be offered. At Safety Day, we will have a rigger lead forum on gear maintenance and safety. Examples of things that will be covered are closing loops and flaps, pilot chute snugness and condition, three-ring condition, and RSL routing. Additionally, we will review several types of problems that can occur in the air, and we will hold a skydiving emergency review. We will have a hanging harness available for jumpers to practice their emergency procedures. The discussions we will hold will also review landing hazards and cover proper canopy handling to prevent low-turn accidents. Brad Doherty will be offering a FREE skydiving recurrency course to those that would like to brush up on these items in greater detail. The days outline is available on the webpage event page as well as the facebook event page, so keep checking back for updates! We look forward to seeing you all and having a fun and safe skydiving season.

If you have any questions, give Jumptown a call at 978-544-5321.