10 Aug

Skydiving isn't just for adrenaline junkies. It's every thrill seeker's dream come true.

For many people, from the professional skydiver down to the person who has jumped just once, skydiving is a life-changing experience. Flying and parachuting safely to the ground are unique experiences that not everyone on this planet will discover.

But you're here. You're interested. So let's explore this a little more.


Let's start with the adrenaline since that's likely what brought you to this page to begin with. Skydiving is going to get your blood flowing and your adrenaline spiking. This doesn't just happen during freefall, but throughout the process.

The adrenaline will creep up on you around every corner: As you're signing waiver forms, getting fitted for gear, receiving the run down from your tandem instructor, as the plane takes off, as the plane door opens, as other jumpers before you depart, as you depart, as freefall takes place, as you pull your parachute, as you come in for landing. It doesn't end.

Skydiving is an experience unlike any other. You're up there skin-to-wind, something once reserved for birds, and you're experiencing the closest thing yet to human flight.

tandem student experiences the utter thrill of skydiving


The actual jumping out of planes is why you've come, but it's the community that will keep you coming back for more. In the skydiving community, we have something called Sky Fam. Since we're all discovering this unique experience together, we tend to form strong bonds.

You'll be immersed in a new welcoming community as you continue to skydive, and this will enable you to meet like-minded people, many that are also thrill seekers, to explore those passions and to continue adventuring with.


It helps to know, as a first-time jumper, that you're in the hands of consummate professionals. As much of a thrill-seeker as you are, you may be nervous your first time visiting Jumptown, and that's completely normal.

We've been running an experienced skydiving center since 1959, so we have this whole thing down to a science. During the check-in process and through the gear-up, our experienced and professional staff will answer any and all questions and teach you about the sport.

We'll also talk you through the entire process, especially on the plane and under canopy. At the end of the experience, expect not only a bunch of high-fives and hugs from us but also an official jump certificate to seal the deal.

Ready to experience one of life's greatest thrills? Come to Jumptown! Our professional staff can't wait to introduce you to our beautiful Massachusetts skies and welcoming sky family.