11 Dec

'Tis the season of giving, and we all know it can be tough to find the perfect gift to fit everyone on your shopping list. But from granny to godson and all the uncles, aunts, and cousins in between, we think we have just the thing-a skydive. Here are five reasons why:


mug full of hot cocoaYou do not have to search high and low or wade through the crowded aisles of department stores to give your friends and family the gift of a lifetime. You certainly do not need to waste days waiting in long check-out lines, ears being assaulted by too-loud holiday tunes crackling through weary store speakers, tolerating testy cashiers and filled with worry trying to remember if your sister already had a crock pot and if your nephew wore a medium or large. Instead, just imagine, you've gotten your loved one a gift certificate to skydive, and the purchase itself required only a simple series of clicks. So now, you get to sit around, comfortable as can be on your own couch, sipping hot cocoa, filled with holiday cheer, and expectantly awaiting the look of glee on your loved one's faces when they open an envelope and see that they will be going skydiving.

We know which of those scenarios we would prefer.


On Christmas morning, the air is charged with a fun expectant energy-why not give a gift that upon opening delivers the same feeling? We have all opened a fair share of poorly-wrapped, oddly shaped packages that contained sweaters and socks. Now, while we were grateful to have those incredibly practical items to warm our torso's and toes respectively, both you and I know, we were not exactly jumping for joy once we saw what the gift wrap was covering. Undeniably, there is something so neat about opening a gift you are utterly surprised by. There is a unique sort of enjoyment that accompanies opening a gift that is filled with possibility. Who doesn't want to feel free and fly? The gift of a skydive promises a thrilling and fun experience-

we have never seen a sweater do that.


It is very likely you have been on both ends of this occurrence: re-gifting. Maybe some of you pawned off that far-too-strong scented candle or crinkling cellophane wrapped gift basket with a twinge of guilt and the seeds of shame hoping the person who initially gave you the gift never finds out, or maybe, you just happened to notice that the bedazzled pajamas you gave to an aunt a couple years ago show up again on a holiday morning worn by a distant cousin. Either way, re-gifting is a less than a desirable end for the items you've spent money on. It is a chore to search for things to re-gift, and it stings a little seeing something you have given continue to move through the family ranks. With the gift of a skydive, that won't happen. The recipient will barely be able to wait long enough to schedule their jump much less be willing to part with the gift and pass it along to someone else.


man smiles after landing from skydiveMany of us already have a garage, attic, or storage room packed full of 'things'. Why add to the clutter struggle? An experience makes a much better gift than a thing. Giving 'things' is all well and good, but typically, physical items cannot provide the fulfillment that experiences offer. Rather, 'things' become a burden. Things can be worn down by time, taken away, or broken. Thankfully, there is no real limit to the experiences you can have. Experiences possess a longevity that 'things' never will. Experiencing the serenity of a skydive and the feeling of freedom it brings cannot be matched by receiving another 'thing' to take up space. The gift of a skydive gives your loved one a story to tell for years to come and a memory they can continue to enjoy for the rest of their life.

And the fifth and final reason why skydiving makes the perfect gift:


Fruitcake, also known as the brick-hard pastry imposter, does not make for a perfect gift. While all may smile and be thankful for the thought behind this home-baked or store-bought gift, we are willing to wager that a survey poll of holiday fruitcake recipients would reveal an overwhelming majority would much rather receive the gift of flight than that impressively rigid fruity gift of fright! To us, there's nothing jolly about mystery jelly pieces or a dubious delicatessen that does not expire, so do your friends and family a favor and give them a gift they will truly enjoy-a skydive!