Skydiving RI

Jumptown Welcomes Rhode Island Skydiving Guests

LOCATED 85 miles Northwest of Providence

Despite being the smallest state in the U.S., Rhode Island is full of people looking for big adventure! (We know you don't usually have to drive more than an hour to get anywhere)... but we promise that the drive to Jumptown is worth it! Grab a cup of coffee milk, hop in the car and you'll be here in no time. Located only an hour and a half from Providence, we serve up big fun for first-time and experienced skydivers from RI and all over New England.

Want to get a look behind the scenes of why we're ranked the #1 dropzone in New England?

Check out our skydiving views from photos captured 13,000 ft. above beautiful Orange, MA (did we mention that the views in fall are especially breathtaking?) We also encourage you to check out our staff page to learn more about our highly experienced instructors.

Our recently renovated facilities make it easy for you to spend the day with us. Friends and family who came to cheer you on can enjoy on-site food services for breakfast, lunch and dinner and enjoy the community vibe. We believe that even the smallest details matter and strive to focus on all customer touch points to ensure that your Jumptown experience is truly excellent!

If you're looking for places to go skydiving in RI, look no further than Jumptown! We would love to welcome you to our dropzone and take you on the adventure of a lifetime! Learn more about first-time tandem skydiving near you or contact a member of our team with any questions you have!

Our dropzone is located at:

31 C St, Orange, MA 01364

Directions to Jumptown from Providence, RI:

For turn-by-turn driving directions to Jumptown from Providence, please click "More Options" on the map or refer to the driving directions below:

  1. Merge onto I-95 N via the ramp on the left toward Boston.
  2. Merge onto RI-146 N via EXIT 23 toward Woonsocket/Lincoln. (10.74 miles)
  3. Take RI-146 N/N Smithfield Expy N toward Worcester MA (Crossing into Massachusetts). (5.50 miles)
  4. RI-146 N/N Smithfield Expy N becomes MA-146 N. (20.54 miles)
  5. Merge onto I-290 E via EXIT 13 toward Shrewsbury/Marlboro. (2.99 miles)
  6. Merge onto I-190 N via EXIT 19 toward MA-12/Holden/Fitchburg. (8.89 miles)
  7. Take the MA-140 N exit, EXIT 5, toward Princeton. (0.30 miles)
  8. Turn left onto MA-140/Redemption Rock Trl. Continue to follow MA-140. (11.80 miles)
  9. Merge onto MA-2 W via the ramp on the left toward Gardner/Winchendon. (21.71 miles)
  10. Take the MA-122 exit, EXIT 15, toward Orange Ctr/Worcester. (0.35 miles)
  11. Turn slight right onto S Main St/MA-122. (1.30 miles)
  12. Turn right onto 2nd St. (0.08 miles)
  13. Arrive at Jumptown

If you're ready to make a skydive near Rhode Island with the experienced team at Jumptown, book your tandem skydive with us today. Still trying to work up the nerve? Read more about what to expect!

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Thanks again for all the great experiences and can't wait to get back there next season!

» Carl C.