Safety Day

Date Details: March 24 — 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Jumptown Safety Day begins 10am.

Starting with a welcome and updates from management, BOD and USPA Director Al KIng.

Speakers will cover various skydiving topics including,

Aircraft safety and awareness, Spotting, Canopy control and collision avoidance, Attitude and altitude, Equipment maintenance and upkeep.

After lunch there will be a free recurrency class, discussion groups and, of course, the Hanging Harness.

The office will be open so don't forget to renew your club membership, 2018 waiver and USPA licenses.

We are looking forward to another fun and safe season at Jumptown and hope to see you there.

AFF Camp

The Staff at JumpTown is as proffesional as it gets....Thank you so much jumptown and especially thank you to Bry for helping make my dream become a reality.

» Ashley C.