10 Apr

In case you missed it... we're back, baby! 2023 is looking better than ever.

Safety Day

Dozens of staff, club members, and other fun jumpers visited Jumptown on April 2nd to get their annual refresher on Safety. In a recent club survey, members agreed that safety was the number one thing that we do well at the Massachusetts Sports Parachute Club. Nowhere was that more obvious than it was at Safety Day. Huge thanks to everyone who came out to get their learn on, and recommit to making every skydive as safe as possible.

Topics were diverse, and included personal safety, rigging and equipment, freefall, canopy piloting, and of course, landing like your life depends on it.

New Wings

New season, new wings... say hello to the Ke-VAN. She's a Super Caravan with room for way more jumpers than last year, and take a look at that outside bar that just keeps going, and going, and going... For those of you who don't jump, that bar allows us to get several jumpers on the outside of the aircraft, letting us set up larger formation jumps with more skydivers leaving the aircraft at the same time. 

Jumptown opened for operations on Saturday, April 8. After a brief close for Easter, we're running seven days a week, weather permitting. Come on out and jump with us!