Skydiving Testimonials

We aim to give each and every one of our guests an extraordinary skydiving experience in a safe, no-pressure environment. Read what our guests have to say about the Jumptown experience!

"We had a great time!"

Ariel Nelson

I took my son for his official/unofficial launch into the world. He just turned 18 and is heading off to school. I figured jumping out of a plane was a great way to celebrate and push the baby (bird) from the nest! We had a great time! The staff is wonderful! Eric was my tandem guy...he was hilarious and a great man to hand my life over to for 15 minutes! I had a great time free-falling and flying! Thank you, Eric! What a wonderful way to bring my adrenaline junkie self back to life! I hope to see you all again REAL soon!

Experienced Skydivers Welcome!

Thank you for a life changing experience today! Highly highly recommend to everyone interested in jumping!

» Zahariah Theodorou