Zack Watts

Tandem Instructor

Ratings: USPA Coach|Tandem Instructor|Packer

Jumps: 850+

USPA: D-36662

About Zack Watts

Where are you from: Born and raised in Somerset, MA.

My skydiving career began in 2010. Since then skydiving has become my life and I've worked full time at multiple dropzones around the country as a parachute packer and instructor.

When was your first skydive experience: May 2010 had my first Tandem and immediately started AFF and had my A License by August 2010.

Favorite types of jumps are free flying, high pulls, and tracking jumps.

What do you love best about skydiving/ Jumptown: I love skydiving because of the freedom it brings to your life. You can go anywhere in the world with this sport, the people you meet are more then humble, and the lifestyle is something that most likely can't be found anywhere else besides a dropzone. It's an extremely unique opportunity to live this life.

DVD & Stills

Truly excellent... The actual dive was amazing - my only complaint was that it went so fast!

» Shannon P.