Tim Coull


Ratings: USPA Coach

Jumps: 300+

USPA: C-46827

About Tim Coull

Where are you from: Originally from Hazlet, NJ

When was your first skydive experience: My first skydive was a tandem in the summer of 2007 in NJ

How long have you been skydiving: This is my 3rd season, I did AFF here at Jumptown in April of 2016

What do you love best about skydiving/Jumptown: Endless learning opportunities: about the sport, yourself, and all the people you would otherwise never meet otherwise in your day to day life. What I love best about Jumptown is our culture of safety and instruction, and also our sense of community

What are your hobbies/interests: Sometimes I forget that hobbies outside of skydiving exist until winter forces me to remember. In the winter I fly in the tunnel and snowboard.

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