Maia-Jenna Allo


Ratings: USPA Coach

Jumps: 215+

USPA: B-46942

About Maia-Jenna Allo

Where are you from: Born and raised in Vermont.

When was your first skydive experience: Made my first tandem skydive in September 2016 and started AFF in October that year. Coming up on 2 years in the sport.

What do you love most about Skydiving/Jumptown: I love skydiving for the scenic views and also how every person has something to learn no matter their experience or time in the sport. Freeflying is what I've been enjoying lately but I have many disciplines to explore still. Jumptown is family, simple as that.

What are your hobbies/ Interests: I like to drive and explore. When I'm on the DZ it's my time to kick back and live the hippy life. Off the DZ, makeup goes on and my alter ego Miss Vermont USA comes out. I like to refer to this as my Hannah Montana lifestyle.

Experienced Skydivers Welcome!

I just wanted to be sure I expressed my sincere thanks for a wonderful experience!

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