Kevin Drivas

General Manager

Ratings: USPA Coach | IBA Wind Tunnel Instructor

Jumps: 1000+

USPA: 323363 | D-36759

Email: Kdrivas AT jumptown DOT com

About Kevin Drivas

Where are you from: Peabody, MA

When was your first jump: It was a tandem in 2008, started AFF the same year

How long have you been skydiving: 10 years

What do you love best about skydiving/Jumptown: I love meeting new people and seeing the joy skydiving brings to people. I also love answering questions about the current weather.

What are your hobbies/interests: When I'm not skydiving or working, I am working on getting my pilot's license and currently working on my AFF Instructor rating.

AFF Camp

I was psyched to have Zack again!

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