Joe Moore

AFF Instructor

Ratings: AFF Instructor | Tandem Instructor | USPA Coach

Jumps: 3769+

USPA: #157720 |D-24663

About Joe Moore

When was your first skydive: My first jump was in Warkill, NY. I was in the army stationed at West Point as an instructor. Back then we went out at 2,500 feet on a static line. After completing 3 dummy deployments your next jump would be a hop and pop. We would then progress to 5 second delays then 10 and so on until you reached 30 seconds.

Where are you from: Boston, MA

How long have you been skydiving: 49 years

What do you love most about Jumptown/Skydiving: The people

What are your hobbies/Interests: golf, skiing, motorcycles

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All the staff were professional and reassuring and they made us feel very comfortable!

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