Joe Goodbrake

Tandem Instructor

Ratings: Sigma/Strong Tandem Instructor | USPA Coach

Jumps: 3100+

USPA: # 196869 / D-29438

About Joe Goodbrake

Joe is a graduate of the University of Fitchburg and a well known New England tandem instructor. He has introduced many people to this wonderful sport.

Where are you from: Originally from Long Island, NY. Currently living in Gardner, MA

When was your first skydiving experience: August 1, 2004 I did a Tandem and kept coming back every week for more tandems

How long have you been skydiving: 14+ years

What do you love most about skydiving/Jumptown: The people. The huge landing area and the view

What are your hobbies & Interest: skydiving, gym, traveling and being awesome :)

AFF Camp

The Staff at JumpTown is as proffesional as it gets....Thank you so much jumptown and especially thank you to Bry for helping make my dream become a reality.

» Ashley C.