Jessica Pertuz

Marketing Director

Jumps: 36

USPA: A-91211

Email: marketing AT jumptown DOT com

About Jessica Pertuz

Where are you from: New York City, NY (born and raised)

When was your first skydive experience: June 22, 2018 I experienced my first tandem jump after having a meeting with Jumptown management to discuss marketing. A week later I came back for my second tandem and by third week I signed up for the AFF program to learn to become a skydiver. Best impulse decision that has forever changed my life for the better.

What do you love most about Jumptown/Skydiving: I love the community, the new people you meet every week, the great stories on what made them want to try skydiving and/or how they decided to become a skydiver but best of all I love the mental cleanse that it provides. Skydiving helps you learn that god placed the best things in life on the other side of fear.

What are your hobbies/Interest: Aside from skydiving I also enjoy rock climbing, century rides and thrill attractions.

Experienced Skydivers Welcome!

Thanks again for all the great experiences and can't wait to get back there next season!

» Carl C.