Dave Bryce

Treasurer/Videographer/ Ground Photographer

Ratings: USPA Coach | Senior Rigger

Jumps: 3949+

USPA: 98715 | D-20372

About Dave Bryce

I'm originally from southern Rhode Island but moved to Orange, MA recently to be closer to the drop zone. Skydiving was something I always wanted to do ever since I can remember. I wanted to be Superman when I was a young boy. Ive been a packer for 5 years, videographer for 15+ years. Currently ground/landing photographer 3+ years

Where are you from: Portsmouth, RI (originally), Orange, MA (currently)

When was your first skydive experience: Turners Falls June 15, 1986

How long have you been skydiving: 32+ years

What do you love best about skydiving at Jumptown: The commitment to Safety, Excellence, the fact that Jumptown is a club and everyone pulls together to make great things happen!

What are your hobbies and interests: Playing & collecting music, fitness and photography

Experienced Skydivers Welcome!

Thank you for a life changing experience today! Highly highly recommend to everyone interested in jumping!

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