Christopher Clark


Ratings: USPA Coach

Jumps: 920+

USPA: # 243216 |D-34359

About Christopher Clark

Chris works at Partners HealthCare; Senior Counsel in the Office of General Counsel and Director of the Office for Interactions with Industry. Live in Wayland MA. Married 31 years to Kathy Cleaver; three sons, Nate 26, Lucas 23, Simon19. Two dogs (Georgie and Wiley) and two cats (Comma and Caralina).

Where are you from: I'm a New Englander. Grew up in Connecticut; went college in Vermont; been in the Boston area since 1980.

When was your first skydive experience: My first skydive was at Jumptown in July 2008, tandem with Kevman, Brycie on video. It was supposed to be a one-time bucket-list thing but I caught the bug. But I didn't really get serious until 2010 when Nate turned 18 and we did AFF together and got our licenses. Been loving it ever since.

What do you love most about skydiving/Jumptown: Aside from the adrenaline, constant learning, all the regular stuff - it's an incredibly great change from my job, which involves a lot of things that seem stressful and important - until you compare them with standing at the open door of a plane at 13,000 feet, about to jump out. Helps to keep the priorities straight. And really amazing to make a whole bunch of new friends at this stage of life -that doesn't happen for most middle-aged men.

What are your hobbies/Interests: we do a lot of skiing, down-hill and cross-country, and hiking as a family. Kathy and I do some mountain-biking and scuba diving and I do a lot of road biking. Used to be a big windsurfer but it's been a while.

Experienced Skydivers Welcome!

The Staff at JumpTown is as proffesional as it gets....Thank you so much jumptown and especially thank you to Bry for helping make my dream become a reality.

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