Brad Doherty

Member at Large/AFF Instructor/ Tandem Instructor

Ratings: Strong/Sigma Tandem Instructor | AFF Instructor |USPA Safety & Training Advisor

Jumps: 14,000+

USPA: 118925 | D-18420

About Brad Doherty

What was your first skydive Experience: a static line jump in Kununnurra, Western Australia in 1988.

What do you love most about skydiving/Jumptown: The thrill of the exit and teaching people to skydive safely. Meeting the wide range of different people that want to learn to skydive.

What are your hobbies/Interest: Happily married to Melanie and raising Zoe ( 8 years)

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If you think you want to try skydiving, there is no better place to do it.

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