Our Staff

Meet the amazing staff of Jumptown Skydiving! Our staff are our greatest asset and they will give you the adventure of a lifetime!

Each of our instructors meet all certified USPA (United States Parachute Association) requirements with all of our tandem instructors having a minimum of 500 jumps before being allowed to gain instructor certification. We are careful who we select to ensure we have the very best instructors to deliver the best experience possible.

Board of Directors

Tom Wells

President/ Videographer

Ratings: USPA AFF Instructor|Coach|Tandem Instructor|Static Line Instructor

Jumps: 2045+

USPA: D-29323

Matt Messier

Vice President/ Coach

Ratings: USPA Coach|Tunnel Coach

Jumps: 450+ |300+ Tunnel Hours

USPA: C-42447

Dave Bryce

Treasurer/Videographer/ Ground Photographer

Ratings: USPA Coach | Senior Rigger

Jumps: 3949+

USPA: 98715 | D-20372

Jimmy Forde

Secretary/ Coach

Ratings: USPA Coach

Jumps: 425+

USPA: A-75279

Brad Doherty

Member at Large/AFF Instructor/ Tandem Instructor

Ratings: Strong/Sigma Tandem Instructor | AFF Instructor |USPA Safety & Training Advisor

Jumps: 14,000+

USPA: 118925 | D-18420


Kevin Drivas

General Manager

Ratings: USPA Coach | IBA Wind Tunnel Instructor

Jumps: 1000+

USPA: 323363 | D-36759

Richie Curtis

Operations Manager

Ratings: AFF Instructor | USPA Coach

Jumps: 1775+

USPA: # 218453 | D-31763


Andreas Szerbakowski

AFF Instructor

Ratings: AFF Instructor / Examiner | Tandem Instructor | S&TA | USPA Coach / Evaluator

Jumps: 11,000+

USPA: # 99641 | D-21624

Fred Olsen

AFF Instructor/Tandem Instructor

Ratings: USPA Coach|AFF Instructor| Tandem Instructor|Sigma/Strong System Rated Static Line Instructor

Jumps: 1350+

USPA: # 235716 / D-32961

Tricia Small

AFF Instructor

Ratings: AFF Instructor | USPA Coach Examiner | PRO | Static Line Instructor / Examiner

Jumps: 2000

USPA: 105907 | D-22283

Joe Goodbrake

Tandem Instructor

Ratings: Sigma/Strong Tandem Instructor | USPA Coach

Jumps: 3100+

USPA: # 196869 / D-29438

Mark Wilson

Tandem Instructor

Ratings: Tandem Instructor | USPA Coach Examiner | Senior Rigger | PRO | IAD | Aerial Videographer

Jumps: 9000+ | 1 Base Jump

USPA: # 105912 / D-20295

Eric Schwartz

AFF Instructor/Tandem Instructor

Ratings: AFF Instructor|Tandem Instructor|Senior Rigger

Jumps: 1000+

USPA: D36773

Zack Watts

Tandem Instructor

Ratings: USPA Coach|Tandem Instructor|Packer

Jumps: 850+

USPA: D-36662

Jesse O'Neill

AFF Instructor/Videographer/ Packer

Ratings: USPA Coach | Sigma/Strong Tandem Instructor |AFF Instructor

Jumps: 1000+

USPA: D-35667

Katrina Dilorio

AFF Instructor/Coach

Ratings: USPA AFF Instructor|Coach

Jumps: 430+

USPA: C-43436

Joe Moore

AFF Instructor

Ratings: AFF Instructor | Tandem Instructor | USPA Coach

Jumps: 3769+

USPA: #157720 |D-24663

Al King

AFF Instructor

Ratings: AFF Instructor | USPA Coach | AFF & Coach Examiner |Senior Rigger |Coach Course Director

Jumps: 8,283+

USPA: 72478 | D-4240

Casey Tylek

AFF Instructor/ Coach

Air Staff

Billy Bonnette

Senior Jump Pilot

Kip Williams


Mitch Hamilton


Jumps: 875+

Colin Rooney

Videographer/ Coach

Ratings: USPA Coach

Jumps: 450+

USPA: C-45943

Tim Coull


Ratings: USPA Coach

Jumps: 300+

USPA: C-46827

Jeremy Thornton

Coach/ Packer/ Videographer/ Freefly Organizer

Ratings: FAA Senior Rigger|

Jumps: 1100+|60+ Tunnel Hours

USPA: D-34507

Christopher Clark


Ratings: USPA Coach

Jumps: 920+

USPA: # 243216 |D-34359

Shelby Mitchell


Ratings: USPA Coach

Jumps: 225+

Ground Staff

Brian Grady

Master Rigger/AFF Instructor

Ratings: Master Parachute Rigger | AFF Instructor

Jumps: 6,200+

USPA: #79133 | D-15433

Nicole Husted


Ratings: Packer

Jumps: 195+

USPA: B-44668

Lance Curtis

Head Security - Manifest

Ratings: No Current Rating

Jumps: 0+

Bravo Watts

Part-Time Manifest Greeter

Ratings: No Current Rating

Jumps: 0+

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