Looking Back On An Incredible Season

Looking Back On An Incredible Season

Published: November 27, 2017

A Season Of Change

man smiles with instructor after receiving skydiving A license stamp

In 2017, Jumptown saw a season of change for the better. With new effective management in place at the helm, we were able to power through and secure a strong finish to the end of the 2017 season, and are certainly perfectly poised for a great year in 2018. 2017 was a season peppered with improvements-namely, the change in aircraft. Half-way through the season we upped the ante when the ideal skydiver ride to altitude the N-121PM Super Otter was added to the operation. But the dropzone's 'ride' wasn't the only thing getting a facelift. This season the hangar and office building were completely refurbished right down to the carpets to provide a top-notch spot for tandem students, AFF students, and instructors alike. Though it should be said that a facility, no matter the quality, is nothing without its customers, and Jumptown is no different. For your support and patronage in the 2017 season, we would like to extend a giant thank-you. Thank you for joining us and sharing this one of a kind sport!

Our Growing Jumptown Family

girl gives thumbs up after receiving skydiving A license stampThis season we have added many skydivers to our family. Through the one of a kind AFF camp, we doubled the numbers of individuals receiving skydiving instruction. In the 2017 season, 23 people completed the AFF course. Making it through AFF training is no small feat. It takes not only the resolve necessary to complete a skydive but also the ability to demonstrate to USPA licensed instructors that you have mastered competency of the skills necessary to skydive safely and continue to work toward obtaining an A-license. We are proud to say an incredible 17 individuals of the 23 that completed the AFF course also received their A-License! We would like to congratulate those jumpers that have joined our ranks this season and become A-license recipients. Thank you for choosing to learn with us!

Thank You To Our Incredible Staff

Training such successful students requires incredible staff, and so, we would also like to extend thank you's and appreciation to our AFF instructors. Without your skills, tact, and ability to deal with the diverse and eclectic clientele drawn to the sport of skydiving, none of this would be possible. Without hesitation, we can say our great staff directly contributed to a great year!

Our Commitment To Safety

Lastly, and most importantly, our commitment to safety is what makes Jumptown a great dropzone. We are proud to say that 2017 was yet another year of Jumptown upholding an impeccable safety record. With this in mind, we urge licensed skydivers and students alike to keep current over the winter. Please continue to practice your Emergency Procedures and be prepared for re-currency training. Thank you for a safe and fun 2017 season, and we eagerly await your company when we resume jump operations and kick off another amazing season next Spring.