Jumper Spotlight: Cam King

Jumper Spotlight: Cam King

Published: October 22, 2014

1. What attracted you to the sport of skydiving?
CK: I grew up in the sport, my mother actually made around 40 jumps while she was pregnant with me. She stopped jumping some time ago, but is obviously still very supportive. My father is still a very active jumper and is currently the Northeast Regional Director of USPA.

2. What influenced you to actually make the phone call to make your first skydive?

CK: Phone call wasn't necessary. My best friend and I made our first jumps together on vacation with my dad. He handled everything and took us both for tandems. I was the normal tandem student... Scared until we left the plane, ecstatic once in freefall.

3. What's the most memorable skydive you've ever been on?

CK: This is a hard one... There is one skydive during my aff that stands out. I think it was my level 6 or 7. Things just clicked... I remember being soo pumped and yelling under canopy!! Since then there have been many!! Another that stands out is taking my mom for a tandem with my father and beautiful wife swooping it. I felt like I was paying my mother back for the 40 tandems she took me on. ;)

4. What was the very first job you had and where was it?

CK: Bus boy at Jodi's restaurant. I was 14. It sucked!!

5. Of the places you have visited - what is your favorite place and why?
CK: Honestly, I think the home that Cara and I just bought is the best place ever. I grew up on lakes and it brings back awesome memories of carefree summers and makes me feel like the future is going to be nothing less than awesome!! Not to mention I LOVE fishing!!

6. What other interests do you have outside of skydiving?

CK: I've always been an outdoors type of guy. I ski, fish, and enjoy long walks on the beach ;). I'm kind of a food snob, too.

7. What is something about you that few people know about?
CK: If I told you, then more than a few people would know.

8. If you could meet anyone in the world for a coffee and a chat (alive or deceased) who would you wish to meet with?

CK: Bill Ottley. He was my godfather. I wish I had more time as an adult to really get to know him. He was such a huge influence in our sport, and my parent's life. I'd love to catch up and hear all the old stories I dismissed as a punk teen.

9. What do you do for work? If you could do anything as an occupation - what would it be?

CK: I work for Flight-1 as a canopy coach and do whatever Diane tells me to do at Jumptown. It's an absolute honor to do both!! I can't even begin to tell you how it feels to work with people I have looked up to my entire career!! I'm super lucky!!

10. What are your future goals?

CK: I really want to start competing in canopy piloting. It's been a long time coming. Just need to get off my ass. It's also difficult because that means more traveling and time away from home.


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