Why Skydiving School is the Best Kind of School

Why Skydiving School is the Best Kind of School

Published: September 18, 2017

Are you, like, so done with school? Trust us, we understand. The diplomas on your walls (or the diploma you're currently earning) represent a long, hard slog, and you're probably not into the idea of entering that breach again. But what if we told you that there's a school that will refresh you to the core of your being? Skydiving school has the power to do just that--and here's why.

When You Drop Out In Skydiving School, It's Cool

When you drop out of school, you have a fast-food line cook career ahead of you. When you "drop out" in skydiving school, you have 13,000 feet of spiritual amazement ahead of you--which you get to repeat again and again and again and again.

Nobody Has To Slap Your Desk With A Ruler To Get You To Pay Attention

In regular school, you stare out the window and tune out. In skydiving school, you enjoy the sensation of complete involvement, unshakeable focus and deep satisfaction in every new goal you accomplish. (Our teachers are way more fun, too. They're diehard adventurers, just like you!)

practicing moves before a jump

Every Moment Is A Field Trip

It's just like your mom used to tell you: You should get outside more! Skydiving school has some classroom time, sure--you have to get comfortable and familiar with the equipment and procedures you're about to use to artfully save your own life--but after that? It's sky time. Every time you board the plane for "class," you'll be partaking of a unique little field trip designed to teach you a specific set of skills. In skydiving school, there's no falling asleep at your desk.

You Are Destined To Be An "A" Student!

...and a "B" student, and a "C" student, and a "D" student...and, then, finally, a "Pro"! That's how skydiving licenses work, after all. The first license you'll earn, after completing your AFF licensing progression and completing 25 jumps, is your "A." The "B" license waits just a few jumps down the line from there (at 50). You'll nail that "C" down at 200 and the "D" at 500, at which point you'll be able to get the coveted "Pro" rating that allows you to perform demonstration jumps for your adoring public. How's that for a rad graduation?

young man holds freshly earned skydiving license

You'll Be Tossing Your Cap In The Air Before You Know It

It doesn't take long to 'graduate' from skydiving school. Through our unique AFF Camps, students can achieve solo status in as little as 4 days. Of course, the continuing education and mentorship in the sport of skydiving keep the learning going for significantly longer than that--and a perhaps-surprisingly-high proportion of our students return as coaches and instructors to help other jumpers earn their certification.

Seriously, though: Skydiving school is the school that keeps on getting better as the jumps go by. You'll see for yourself when you come and complete your skydiving certification at Jumptown. We're waiting to give you a gold star!


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Thanks again for all the great experiences and can't wait to get back there next season!

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