What You Should Know Booking A Group Skydive At Jumptown

What You Should Know Booking A Group Skydive At Jumptown

Published: July 11, 2017

Are you interested in booking a group skydiving adventure? Jumptown is your place!

Serving the Boston and Western Massachusetts regions, Jumptown accepts and encourages skydiving as a group. The more people you can share this unforgettable experience with the better, in our opinion!

While you won't be jumping right next to each member of your group at the exact same time, we can help to ensure that as many of you are in the plane riding up to altitude together and landing within a few minutes of one another.

We realize that booking a big group for a skydive can feel burdensome, so we've tried to answer some common questions below to help get you started.

Do I Need A Reservation?

For group skydiving, reservations are strongly encouraged. That's especially true on the weekend, which tends to book up ahead of time. While we may be able to squeeze in some unscheduled tandems without reservations, this becomes an increasingly difficult task when trying to accommodate a large group. A $50 deposit per person is required to hold your spot. You can get that money back up to 72 hours before your scheduled jump.

Does Jumptown Offer Group Skydiving Packages?

You betcha! For groups of five to nine people, everyone saves $10, lowering the cost to $225 a person. For groups of 10 or more, everyone saves $20, lowering the cost to $215. If you're a group organizer putting together a group of 15 or more, you'll receive a complimentary skydive. View skydiving deals for groups.

Is The Wait Longer For Big Skydiving Groups?

We'll do our absolute best to get your group all on the same load. The chances of this happening increase if you make reservations in advance. Our primary jump plane (the PAC P-750XL) can accommodate up to 17 jumpers, which means that larger groups may need to split into two or more loads.

loaded up to make a group skydive

While you wait, you'll be able to watch landings from previous loads and eat lunch at our snack bar. No matter what, plan to spend at least half of your day with us so you can relax and enjoy the experience.

Can We Get One Video For The Whole Group?

Unfortunately, since you all are jumping with a few seconds delay from one another, we aren't able to accommodate everyone in the same film. If you'd like video, we can assign a video flyer to each jumper individually. Standard video prices would apply.

friends jump for photo after group skydive

We're ecstatic that you're thinking about booking a group skydive with us! Please don't hesitate to check out our first time skydiving FAQs to prepare for your group skydiving experience or check out group rates to book your group today! We can't wait to see you at Jumptown.


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