What You Should Know About Tandem Skydiving

What You Should Know About Tandem Skydiving

Published: September 28, 2016

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly? To soar through the air with the wind in your hair? To know what it feels like to freefall at 120mph? For first timers, tandem skydiving is the perfect way to find out!

Booking Your Tandem Skydive

The first step to making your tandem skydive is to book it! You'll want to choose a skydiving center, also known as a drop zone, that you trust and feel comfortable with.

A great way to judge trustworthiness is to find out if the drop zone is USPA accredited. This means it is a member of the United States Parachute Association, the governing body for skydiving here in the US. The USPA sets guidelines and regulations to keep skydivers safe. Book with a USPA dropzone like Jumptown and you can be sure you're in safe hands.

It's also worth checking out the dropzone prior to coming for your jump. You can give us a call anytime to speak to a member of our team - this will give you a good sense of the kind of service you'll get from us. Or check out reviews of your chosen dropzone on TripAdvisor to get a sense for the experience others have had there. You can find us on TripAdvisor.

On the Day of Your Skydive

When you book, you'll be given a date and a time for your jump. This time is a suggested time of arrival and you should try to stick to it where possible. This time isn't necessarily the time you'll jump; you'll first complete a brief training session and get geared up before you go.

The tandem skydiving brief is a short lesson designed to give you an overview of the skydiving equipment and to tell you how you'll be attached to your instructor. You'll also learn about the body position you'll need to adopt for the exit and in freefall, and how to lift your legs up for landing.

You'll be geared up for your skydive with a harness, helmet, and goggles. We can also provide gloves and you'll be given a jumpsuit to wear (if appropriate). All we ask of you is that you dress comfortably, as you would if you were going for a light exercise session or a brisk walk - basically, bring your sneakers and comfortable pants and you should be fine!

Depending on how busy it is, you should expect your skydive experience to take a few hours. Don't worry, though, there's no chance you will be bored! We've got some great facilities on site for you to get food and drinks and also to spectate on the skydiving that'll be going on all day.

Is Tandem Skydiving Scary?

This is perhaps the most common question we're asked about tandem skydiving. We could easily tell you it's not at all scary and that you don't need to be afraid. But the truth is, even though tandem skydiving is incredibly safe, it is still jumping from a plane and you'd be in a small minority if you didn't get that heart-in-your-mouth feeling as you prepare to exit!

But that's the fun of it! We skydive because we love the adrenaline rush. And let us tell you, there's simply nothing like the feeling of that first jump! So many times, we've watched tandem skydivers look scared in the door only to have that fear replaced with elation as they experience freefall for the first time.

What Makes Tandem Skydiving Safe?

Tandem skydiving is the most popular way to experience skydiving for the first time. We, like all USPA member drop zones, follow guidelines and regulations designed to make it as safe as possible.

This includes jumping with two parachutes at all times (a main parachute and a reserve parachute) and using automatic activation devices (AADs) to ensure our parachutes always open even if a rare situation occurs where we're unable to operate it manually.

According to the USPA, tandem skydiving has the greatest safety record of all skydiving disciplines.

Video and Photo Packages for Tandem Skydivers

Tandem skydiving is an incredible experience, so why not save the memory with your own video and photo package? Choose from our tandem video packages and you can have your own personal camera flyer who will jump with you and film you before your jump, on the way to altitude, as you exit the plane, through freefall and as you come into land. Trust us, the investment you make to capture this once-in-a-lifetime memory is well worth it!

Ready to go tandem skydiving near Boston for the first time? If you have questions, please contact us or you can book your tandem skydive online today! We'd love to welcome you to our dropzone and show you just how amazing skydiving is.

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