Skydiving Boston: 4 Great Reasons to Choose Jumptown

Skydiving Boston: 4 Great Reasons to Choose Jumptown

Published: April 4, 2016

Skydiving Boston? 4 Great Reasons to Choose Jumptown

If you live in Boston and are thinking of skydiving, your starting point will probably begin by keying in the terms 'skydiving Boston.' From there you'll be presented with more choice than you could have possibly expected. The New England skydiving scene is rich and historic, and without knowing much about skydiving you probably won't know who to choose. Of course, we want you to choose Jumptown not just because we want you to spend money with us, but we want you to have the best experience money can buy.

Before choosing your 'skydiving Boston' destination, here are four great reasons to consider us:

Our Experience

Jumptown is known as the oldest (read: most experienced ;-) commercial skydiving company in the United States. Our history is filled with legends of the sport who have positively influenced the sport of skydiving for decades. This tradition continues today. We are very selective as to who we bring to our team. We have hired not just a highly professional and safety-oriented staff, but we've also hired the best people. Also worthy of note is we are a not-for-profit organization. Our official name is the Massachusetts Sport Parachute Club. We exist solely to get you into skydiving, meet our club members and hopefully (if you love your first jump enough) become a member of our community.

Sterling Skydiving Facilities

One of the major things to consider when selecting a skydiving center is the aircraft type. Jumptown operates the gold standard in skydiving aircraft - a Super Twin Otter. A Twin Otter offers 23 skydivers a comfortable lift to 13,000 feet in 13 minutes as well as having a massive door to exit from. The Twin Otter is used in all national formation skydiving championships and is beloved the world over by pilots and skydivers alike. We think if you're going to skydive, be sure to skydive from the best aircraft available!

Another major plus for Jumptown is our enormous parachute landing area, plus many outs, makes Jumptown an ideal place for skydiving.

We have recently added a large hangar, with excellent skydiving and leisure facilities such as team rooms and picnic areas.

Essentially, our facilities are second to none in the region.

Skydiving Boston - amazing views over Jumptown

A Short Drive Away From Boston

From downtown Boston, Jumptown is a quick 90-minute drive. We're located in Orange, Massachusetts and provide some of the most spectacular views in free fall. If watching the colors change in autumn are your thing, you should see our views from 13,000 feet! It is breathtaking!

The Smart Choice

What speaks the loudest as to the quality of a skydiving operation is who is already jumping there.

We have the smartest skydivers - really, we are home to the MIT Skydiving Club. Making the most of their college experience, this group of young and enthusiastic jumpers chose to make Jumptown their home. You will find all our staff and regular jumpers are welcoming and happy to help you get the best from your skydive, may it be your first or 1000th!

Don't take our word for it though; check out the reviews left by those who have already experienced Jumptown.

See You On The Flightline

We are very proud of what we have here at Jumptown. If you're thinking of 'skydiving Boston,' we hope you'll consider us. If we've convinced you, check out our Experienced Skydiver Information page, or book your tandem skydive to get the process started now!