Is There a Weight Limit to Skydive?

Is There a Weight Limit to Skydive?

Published: October 19, 2016

We're a big fan of you.


We don't care what size you are. We think you're amazing for being the kind of person who seeks out the skydiving experience. That makes you unique, you know! Not everyone has your sense of adventure. Lots of people are content to stay on the ground, never having seen the majesty of Massachusetts as the wind whistles by their smiling face. We'd high-five you right now if you were standing here. For sure.

That said: if you're over 225 pounds--whether you're a sumo champion or a buffet buff--we actually can not take you for a tandem skydive. It's not that we don't want to. We do! The skydiving weight limit for tandems at Jumptown isn't about prejudice; it's about hard mathematics and our dropzone's dedicated emphasis on safety. Let us try to explain.

1. Parachutes Have Weight Ranges.

Parachutes, like other tools used in aviation, have strict weight ranges under which they operate. If you exceed those weight ranges, you end up with a potentially dangerous situation on your hands. In skydiving, exceeding the weight range can result in dangerous deployments (eek!), broken parachute lines (double eek!) and unacceptably fast landings (triple eek!).

There's the matter of the harness, too. Tandem harnesses only adjust to a certain point, at which they become a trial to put on and to wear during a skydive. It's not cool. You don't wanna face that.

2. Heavier Weight Requires Larger Parachutes.

...And larger parachutes, are, of course, heavier, which adds even more weight. Past that seemingly-arbitrary-but-actually-not-arbitrary-at-all 225 mark, it's a self-exaggerating problem, and we refuse to put any of our students or instructors in harm's way.

3. We Care About Our Instructors.

Tandem instructors have a very challenging job, balancing caring about each individual student with personally seeing to a long list of safety items along the way. Students over the weight limit make a great landing near-impossible to pull off, which puts our beloved instructors in a compromising position with the ground. We've pledged to take care of our people, and that just doesn't work for us.

4. Wile E. Coyote Illustrated It Best.

Feathers don't fall as fast as anvils. If you did manage to make a skydive that exceeded the weight limit, not only would it be way less comfortable and way more dangerous--but your skydive would be over faster, deployment would be harder, and the landing would be, um, uncomfortable. That's not the way you want to experience your first time meeting the sky face-to-face, is it? We thought not.

5. All Is Not Lost!

If you can make it under that 225 limit, we're here to welcome you with open arms! Make a project of it. You'll come out of it healthier and way inspired--with lots of great skydiving photos, to boot. It's within your reach, we promise; we've known one tandem student who lost four hundred pounds to make a skydive.

If he can pull it off, so can you!

Ready to go?

Learn more about tandem skydiving at Jumptown, or give us a call. We hope to see you soon!

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