Is Skydiving Worth It?

Is Skydiving Worth It?

Published: April 12, 2016

Is Skydiving Worth It?

If you asked anyone from the Boston skydiving community, you would get a resounding 'yes' in answer. It's totally worth it! But if you were to ask the same people 'why do you skydive?' you would get a huge range of answers.

Skydiving means many different things to different people. If you're already thinking about it, it's probably worth trying at least once.

Read on and we'll delve into the risks and rewards of skydiving.

Nothing Is Risk-free

Skydiving is an extreme sport, and that comes with risks. Skydivers work hard to make it safer, and safety has increased greatly over the decades.

If you want a number, the USPA tandem skydiving fatality rate is just 0.3 deaths per 100,000 jumps.

Most skydivers don't fit the crazy risk taker stereotype. 'The buzz' is not most regular jumpers' motivation to skydive.

Own Your Fate

Skydiving is scary, anyone that says otherwise is lying. It's never as scary your first skydive, but we all get 'the fear' occasionally. Owning that fear is empowering and builds confidence.

Whether you skydive once and prove to yourself you can, or you spend hundreds of jumps mastering freefall skills, skydiving is a rewarding personal challenge and rising to it does wonders for your self-esteem.

Ever sat in a café and wondered how many others in there have jumped out a moving aircraft at 13,000 ft.? It's fun to know you have.

The Moment

Most of us live busy lives with lots of noise. Big cities, mobile phones, jobs, families, responsibilities.

What everyone who has skydived can describe is the feeling of being totally in the moment for 60 seconds during freefall. Our busy, Boston skydiving enthusiasts can attest to the luxury this aspect of skydiving brings.

Freefall engages all your senses. In that minute, there is nothing else in your world, and that feeling is totally magical. The sensation is almost therapeutic and why many of us keep coming back.

A skydive teaches you the value of a single minute (and how much fun you can have in one).

Boston Skydiving: Skydiving with your friends!

For the Right Reasons

There are many reasons people want to skydive, from the profound to the 'bucket list'. Any reason is good, so long as it is your reason.

Don't skydive to impress somebody. Skydiving is for you.

Another common reason is to get over a fear of heights. If this is why you want to jump, don't get your hopes up.

My teammate began skydiving because he was scared of heights. He has gone on to do over 500 descents and win numerous national medals.

He is still terrified of heights.

He can exit a plane at 13,000 ft., but he can't look over a balcony at 100 ft. Skydiving is so high that it feels detached from the ground, and thus does nothing for acrophobia. Sorry, it just won't help... doesn't mean you won't love it though.

Skydiving Boston

If you're interested in skydiving near Boston, Jumptown would love to welcome you into our fold, be it for a one-off tandem skydive or many. Book a skydive online today!

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