How Skydiving Solves Everything

How Skydiving Solves Everything

Published: October 13, 2017

Check out this guy's shirt, y'awl:

Your first reaction might be any of the following:

  • "If the grand total of your problems is simply the fact that you happen to be in a plane."
  • "...quote by D.B. Cooper."

  • "Except for landing. You have to solve that one for yourself."

All kidding aside, we got a big kick out of this t-shirt. (The photo was taken at Jumptown, y'know.) It's true, though! Skydiving drops everyday problems way into the background: feeling stale in life; not feeling challenged; being bored; being sick-to-death of the news and depressed about where the world is headed...the list goes on. We want to use it as a fun way to tell the story of how awesome a sport this is, so listen up! Here's what skydiving has to offer and how it solves problems for every level of skydiver.

In The Beginning

Skydiving helps build courage and confidence. New skydivers report that learning how to skydive has helped give them a brand-new perspective on the challenges of their day-to-day life, making them feel empowered to tackle the problems that used to make them feel helpless. They report that the superpower of this confidence boost has given them more satisfying relationships with the people around them, more assertiveness in the workplace and more joy in every moment of their day--not just dropzone days!

confident first time jumper after landing from skydive

After A Little While

Once you've learned to skydive and you're progressing along the roadmap of skills and disciplines that fill out the infrastructure of the sport, skydiving helps you solve even more problems. It helps you master fear, first of all--to go from being nervous to jump to being confident opening the door and spotting with confidence--and mastering fear is the first step to mastering life. From there, skydiving helps to provide a constant source of healthy, focused challenge. Shifting your internal focus to zero in on the challenge of skydiving (as well as being immersed in the community) helps take you away from the craziness of the modern media; from drama at home; from the things that bring you down. It's a healthy, supportive escape from life's nonsense--and it feels so good!

experienced skydiver makes landing

In A Few Years

Skydiving solves the problem of feeling isolated. When you immerse yourself in the sport, you can expect a thriving new community of like-minded friends to form around you. It's highly unlikely you would have met them otherwise, and you won't know how you got along without them. Sure, freefall is awesome--but it's the skydiving community at large that keeps most of us in the sky. Uniquely, skydiving offers opportunities to connect with that community worldwide as you join up with teams of your peers, travel to events, earn your ratings, nail down big world records...the list goes on and on!

skydiving community embraces in landing area

What we're saying is this: Your problems have no weapons effective against skydiving. We think that our friend's shirt was totally right. Skydiving does solve everything! C'mon out and give it a try for yourself. We're sure you'll heartily agree.


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Thanks again for all the great experiences and can't wait to get back there next season!

» Carl C.