Can You Skydive with Glasses or Contact Lenses and More Questions Answered

Can You Skydive with Glasses or Contact Lenses and More Questions Answered

Published: August 18, 2018

Can You Skydive with Glasses or Contact Lenses and Other Skydiving Questions Answered

Now that, dear reader, is one of the classic right-off-the-bat questions we answer every day at Jumptown. The answer is a resounding yes (and we'll address it in a little more depth in a moment). If you're asking that one, however, we're willing to bet that you have a few more questions lurking right behind it. Right? Great! Let's set 'em up and knock 'em down.

1. Can you skydive with glasses or contact lenses?

Indeed you can. And, if you wear contact lenses, you should wear them skydiving! It would be a shame to have a blurry skydive, especially with the Massachusetts countryside laid out so fetchingly all around and under you.

2. Do I have to wear a jumpsuit?

Jumpsuits are optional at Jumptown. That said: Wearing a jumpsuit is a great idea. Not only does it look super-pro in your skydiving video, it protects your clothing from scuffs and grass stains, your skin from the chillier temperatures up at altitude and your composure from the 120MPH wind.

why do skydivers wear jumpsuits

3. If I'm not wearing a jumpsuit, what should I wear skydiving?

It's simple: thin layers! When you're choosing skydiving clothing, do your best to avoid wearing thick single layers in favor of several thin ones. Even in colder weather, it works. It's almost magic how much warm air thin layers sock away between, you'll be able to move around without looking like an awkward kid in a sumo suit. Check out our other article on what to wear skydiving to learn more!

4. What kind of footwear is acceptable and unacceptable?

Acceptable: athletic shoes that lace up tightly. Unacceptable: slip-ons, heels of any kind and boots with hooks for the laces (as these like to grab parachute lines on the way by. Yikes!)

5. If I have long hair, how should I wear it?

Braids work really, really well. Securely-fastened buns work well, too. Ponytails are also a crowd favorite. What you should not do is just let your hair fly; after freefall, you might have to cut it all off on account of the resulting tangles. Bring out that bobby pin collection and go to town!

6. What do you recommend I eat and drink before my skydive?

Eat normally and moderately before your jump. In other words: Don't fast, don't overeat and don't choose your tandem skydiving day to make massive changes to your habitual diet. If you're too nervous to eat, sip on a smoothie. And bring snacks to the dropzone! It'll help keep your blood sugar even. Also, stay hydrated, especially in warm temperatures.

drink water before skydiving

7. With a weight restriction, is this with clothes on or fully-clothed?

Fully-clothed--after all, you're going to be fully clothed when you jump, so that's the amount of weight the parachute is going to be carrying around. Our strict weight limit reflects the capacity of modern parachutes to fly, much as any other aircraft in the sky has a strict limit on the amount of cargo it can safely cart around.

8. If I have a cold, should I go skydiving?

Don't do it! In the best cases, skydiving with a cold can result in a snot-drenched canopy ride; in the worst cases, it can end up in a burst eardrum. Get well soon and we'll see you when you're well, okay?

9. What is the minimum and maximum age restriction?

Minimum? 18. (Bring a government-issued photo ID.) Maximum: Ain't a thing. Bring your mom, your grandmom, your great grams, your great great grams and all the photos and cave drawings of your ancestors along for the ride. Skydiving is for every legal adult with a basic level of fitness and mobility!

Did we miss anything? Let us know! Get in touch today and ask any questions about skydiving that pique your curiosity. We're happy to share! If you're ready for an adventure of a lifetime, then book your next skydive at Jumptown!

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