Can You Go Skydiving In The Winter?

Can You Go Skydiving In The Winter?

Published: January 24, 2017

Eyeing up a tandem skydive? That's fabulous! If it's wintertime, though, hang in there. While you certainly can go skydiving when it's cold, we believe that a great skydive is worth waiting for--and we suggest that you wait to jump until the warmer weather arrives.

At Jumptown, because we care so much about our guests' skydiving experience--and the safety of our aircraft --we're closed from November to March.

As we said, though: cold weather is not a deal-breaker for would-be skydivers. If you've got something to celebrate--or you're simply nursing a strong craving--on a chillier day during early Spring or late Fall, no problem! Just remember these tips for skydiving when it's cold and you'll be well prepared. Here's how.

1. Set Up For The Best Possible Experience.

Tandem skydiving is one of the most memorable things you're ever going to do. Trust us: you want to optimize this experience. You can ask anyone who has done both, and they'll tell you: jumping in warm weather is a whole different ballgame from the experience of skydiving when it's cold outside.

Remember, the temperature up there at altitude is about 30 degrees lower than the temperature in the landing area. When it's hot on the ground, nothing feels better than the lofty breezes--but when it's frosty, you'd have to be a full-on Eskimo to control your swearing when that jump door opens.

Oh: and don't forget to calculate the wind chill factor when you're moving at 120 miles per hour on a 30°F day. It is, to say the least, nippy. Cold-weather skydiving is not for the faint of heart.

2. What to Wear? Layers.

When you're planning what to wear when skydiving in cold weather, focus your efforts on layering. After all, winter air zips right through a single layer of fabric.

A couple more tips: Don't bring the puffy ski coat, as loose material and freefall are a terrible (and ineffective) mix. And don't forget the lower half of your body when you layer up. Make sure that you have something--tights or Under Armour or ski johns--under your pants.

3. Wherever Possible, Choose Fleece.

We have a great suggestion to guide you as you're choosing layers: fleece, fleece, fleece. If we had to recommend one kind of fabric for your cold-weather skydiving kit, it'd definitely be fleece. Fleece is a little bit stretchy, form-fitting, resilient and cozy. It's also not bulky. Wearing fleece will keep you as warm as possible while still being able to move freely in the plane and the sky (which is exactly what you want).

4. Say Yes To The Jumpsuit.

Do you have to wear a jumpsuit when skydiving?

Millions of skydivers can't be wrong: jumpsuits are the best outer layer to wear when you're making a jump. We're big believers in the power of the onesie, so we've got plenty of them to share with our tandem customers. Jumpsuits protect clothing, contain loose material and make you look like a stone-cold pro.

Best of all: since you've paid attention to item number two, you'll already be layered up and you'll be able to easily adjust your base layers to maximize your comfort under the jumpsuit.

5. Gloves Are Good.

Whatever you do, don't forget your hands! While we're more than happy to provide you with a pair of gloves, you probably have gloves and liners that you trust to keep your paws comfortable while you're skiing or snowboarding. You'll be so happy to have them, so bring them along!

6. Get Ready To Smile.

Skydiving when it's cold is still skydiving--which means it's still the best way to spend a few blissful hours. And it'll make your aprés-jump hot tubbin' that much nicer, no?


Experienced Skydivers Welcome!

Thank you for a life changing experience today! Highly highly recommend to everyone interested in jumping!

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