Can Skydiving Be Therapeutic?

Can Skydiving Be Therapeutic?

Published: June 22, 2016

Ask any skydiver, and they'll tell you: in this sport, one of our favorite newbie questions to answer is "how does skydiving make you feel?"

Skydiving makes you feel so, so good--even if you haven't really felt good in a very long time. We can say this with absolute confidence. After all, our dropzone has been hosting happiness for more than half a century. We meet loads of therapists who say they're itching to "prescribe" skydiving, in fact. Curious? Here are the facts.

Skydiving Helps You Tackle Major Life Events

Have you been handed a situation that's making you question everything about your life? You're certainly not the first person who's walked onto a dropzone in a serious state of disarray. We meet customers every day who are looking for a way to reframe a major life challenge: such as divorce, diagnosis, loss, etc.

The temptation is to imagine that these guests are skydiving because they "have nothing left to lose." To the contrary--they're looking to re-engage with the process of living. They're looking to take charge; to do something amazing for themselves; to find a new community who celebrates them exactly as they are. In skydiving, they find all of the above.

Skydiving is Good for You

Skydiving is, first and foremost, a sport. People who take up the sport start to take an interest in their strength, cardio fitness, flexibility, and stamina. They start doing breathing exercises. They start getting up early to get to the dropzone. They start sustaining deep, fulfilling friendships with the people they meet there. If this sounds like a laundry list of the things you should do in order to promote a healthy lifestyle, you're absolutely right...but there's a huge bonus, if you do it in the context of skydiving: You get to rock out in freefall, too!

Skydiving Makes you Feel Better in All Kinds of Ways

The benefits are, as you might imagine, far from just the physical. One of these very many spiritual benefits of skydiving is the sheer sense of personal empowerment.

To leap out above the clouds, far above (and in spite of) the crowd that tells you you're crazy for doing it, is quite literally falling in love. It gets you out of your worried head; it shows you how powerful you are; it gives you a peek at just how much brilliance life has in store for you.

Past injuries and future preoccupations literally disappear during a skydive. During that time in the sky, you are one hundred percent present. For some, that's a gift beyond price.

Everyone Has a Story, and We Want to be a Part of Yours

We're not therapists, but know this: at Jumptown, our mission in life is not to be a glorified roller coaster ride. We're here to offer our skydivers--whether first-time tandems or "lifer" sport skydivers--a beautiful, energizing, life-changing experience. Thousands of people who have jumped with us in the last half-century-and-then-some have found a lot of happiness in freefall, and we know you will, too. If you're thinking of skydiving New England, view our tandem skydiving page for more information on making your first jump with us!

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