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What is a Skydiving Canopy Course and Why it's important

» May 28, 2018

We give you the lowdown on what a canopy course is in skydiving and why every skydiver should partake in one.

Jumptown Skydiving Safety Day 2018

» February 7, 2018

Jumptown Skydiving Safety day will be held March 24, 2018, and this is an event that every skydiver should not miss.

Would You Take This Bet? Scientifically, You Should.

» June 26, 2017

What if every little opportunity in your life were a bet in your favor? What if every measured risk you take means that you're setting yourself up to come out ahead? What if we could prove that to you--with science?

How Do Skydivers Land Accurately?

» May 22, 2017

When you've never made a sport skydive, the art of jumping out the airplane door at the right time to land in the middle of a ten-foot circle might sound like some sorta voodoo.

How Dangerous Is Skydiving?

» February 21, 2017

Everyone knows that--like everything in this life that's worthwhile--there's risk involved. But what exactly are those risks in skydiving? Most folks who ask us this question are looking for a more technical, data based response than the standard "aw, no, bro; don't worry; you'll be fine.

Skydiving Safety: Are The Risks Acceptable?

» August 23, 2016

It's pretty mysterious up there in the sky, isn't it? What awaits you on your first skydiving experience is an enigma when you're starting to make your plans.

AFF Camp

All the staff were professional and reassuring and they made us feel very comfortable!

» Sharon and Lauren Parker