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5 Reasons to Try AFF Skydiving

» April 8, 2018

Do you like to learn how to do things on your own? Take control and learn how to skydive with AFF skydiving!

How Many Jumps Before Solo Skydiving?

» March 16, 2018

Find out how many jumps it takes before you are skydiving by yourself!

What Equipment Do You Really Need For Skydiving at Jumptown?

» February 2, 2018

The gear you need to simply survive your jumps only covers the bare-bones basics. The equipment needed for skydiving is just a small part of the equipment you'll eventually want to make sure is in your gear bag. Here's a reasonably comprehensive skydiving equipment list.

How To Become A Wingsuit Flyer

» October 6, 2017

There's no argument that wingsuiting is the closest skydiving discipline out there to actual human flight. Here we address the most common questions about learning to fly a wingsuit.

Why Skydiving School is the Best Kind of School

» September 18, 2017

What if we told you that there's a school that will refresh you to the core of your being? Skydiving school has the power to do just that--and here's why.

The Difference Between Graduating AFF and Earning Your A-license

» May 16, 2017

To earn your solo skydiving license, you'll have two hurdles to cross: completing your AFF and earning your USPA A-license. These are two distinct entities.

How To Become A Great Skydiver

» March 27, 2017

Ready to get into skydiving? To become a great skydiver takes persistence. Here are valuable tips on going from rookie to certified professional skydiver.