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Tandem Skydiving Videos and Photos

» July 14, 2019

Here's the #1 advice from people who have done it...

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License to Fly: Skydiving Licenses Explained

» September 11, 2018

Learn the differences between each skydiving license and what you can do with each!

Skydiving Terminology & Glossary

» September 6, 2018

Welcome to the world of skydiving!!! If you're new to the DZ ( dropzone ), be prepared to learn an entirely new language! Fear not, we've got a comprehensive list to get you started!

Can You Skydive with Glasses or Contact Lenses and More Questions Answered

» August 18, 2018

Find out the answer to your pining question, can you skydive with glasses or contact lenses; as well as more questions answered for your first time skydiving!

Why Skydiving in Massachusetts is Awesome!

» August 13, 2018

Learn why skydiving in Massachusetts is awesome and why you should come to Jumptown in Massachusetts over those other states.

The Fun Culture of Skydiving

» August 2, 2018

The skydiving culture goes way beyond skydiving. Learn how the skydiving culture permeates the people in the sport and why it is so magnetizing.

Can You Skydive While Sick, High, or Drunk?

» July 23, 2018

Find out if you should jump from an airplane while your sick, high, or drunk as well as the consequences of jumping under the influence or if you aren't feeling well.

How to Skydive for the First Time

» June 20, 2018

Curious how to skydive for the first time? Learn about the choices for your first skydive.

What is a Skydiving Canopy Course and Why it's important

» May 28, 2018

We give you the lowdown on what a canopy course is in skydiving and why every skydiver should partake in one.

What it Takes to Get on a World Record Skydive

» May 24, 2018

Find out what it takes to get on a World Record skydive and experience the ultimate experience!

All About Skydiving Jump Planes

» May 2, 2018

Learn about different skydiving jump planes and why we love jumping from a Twin Otter at Jumptown!

Skydiving Parachute Opening

» May 1, 2018

Everyone wants to know what happens if the parachute doesn't open. Learn about how skydiving parachutes open and modern parachute emergency procedures.

Wind Tunnels Vs Skydiving

» April 14, 2018

Find out how wind tunnels compare to skydiving and what makes indoor skydiving and regular skydiving great!

5 Reasons to Try AFF Skydiving

» April 8, 2018

Do you like to learn how to do things on your own? Take control and learn how to skydive with AFF skydiving!

How Many Jumps Before Solo Skydiving?

» March 16, 2018

Find out how many jumps it takes before you are skydiving by yourself!

Do people pass out, pee their pants, scream or puke skydiving?

» March 6, 2018

Find out the different types of reactions first-time skydivers may have! v

Jumptown Skydiving Safety Day 2018

» February 7, 2018

Jumptown Skydiving Safety day will be held March 24, 2018, and this is an event that every skydiver should not miss.

What Equipment Do You Really Need For Skydiving at Jumptown?

» February 2, 2018

The gear you need to simply survive your jumps only covers the bare-bones basics. The equipment needed for skydiving is just a small part of the equipment you'll eventually want to make sure is in your gear bag. Here's a reasonably comprehensive skydiving equipment list.

The Skydiving Life & Times of the Inimitable Fred Olsen

» January 17, 2018

Every diehard skydiver has a fun origin story, but Fred's just might take the cake. Case in point: I'm in stitches within a minute of asking Fred Olsen to tell me his.

What Should I Wear Skydiving?

» December 19, 2017

You know what to wear when you are running, biking, or hiking, but it's not every day you go skydiving. So, what should you wear for the big jump? Lucky for you, we have the perfect wardrobe in mind -- read our head-to-toe guide on what to wear skydiving.

5 Reasons Skydiving Makes the Perfect Gift

» December 11, 2017

'Tis the season of giving, and we all know it can be tough to find the perfect gift to fit everyone on your shopping list. But from granny to godson and all the uncles, aunts, and cousins in between, we think we have just the thing-a skydive.

How Skydiving Solves Everything

» October 13, 2017

Your problems have no weapons effective against skydiving. Skydiving does solve everything! Once you try it for yourself, we're sure you'll heartily agree.

How To Become A Wingsuit Flyer

» October 6, 2017

There's no argument that wingsuiting is the closest skydiving discipline out there to actual human flight. Here we address the most common questions about learning to fly a wingsuit.

Why Skydiving School is the Best Kind of School

» September 18, 2017

What if we told you that there's a school that will refresh you to the core of your being? Skydiving school has the power to do just that--and here's why.

5 Most Popular Skydiving Disciplines Explained

» September 5, 2017

Here we explain the distinct features of the 5 most popular skydiving disciplines: formation skydiving, freefly, angle flying, wingsuiting, and swooping.

Can You Skydive At Night?

» August 25, 2017

Can you go skydiving at night? Skydiving offers some of the greatest views you'll ever see - and they're completely different in the dark! Learn more here.

Every Thrill Seeker’s Dream Come True

» August 10, 2017

Skydiving isn't just for adrenaline junkies. It's every thrill seeker's dream come true from the professional skydiver down to the first-timer. Here's why.

Best Skydiving Centers in the USA

» July 25, 2017

From sea to shining sea, where will you find the very best skydiving in the USA? We've chosen our very favorite locations, based on skydivers' general consensus (as well as loads and loads and loads of our own boogie travel). Here's our go-to list of great places to skydive.

What You Should Know Booking A Group Skydive At Jumptown

» July 11, 2017

Interested in booking a group skydiving adventure at Jumptown? Read helpful tips on what to expect and how to enhance your skydiving group experience.

Would You Take This Bet? Scientifically, You Should.

» June 26, 2017

What if every little opportunity in your life were a bet in your favor? What if every measured risk you take means that you're setting yourself up to come out ahead? What if we could prove that to you--with science?

Why Skydiving Is More Mental Than Physical

» June 13, 2017

The idea that "skydiving is more mental than physical" is repeated so often in the sport that it's practically a truism. While you don't necessarily need to be very physically strong to be a good skydiver, you do need to be mentally strong.

How Do Skydivers Land Accurately?

» May 22, 2017

When you've never made a sport skydive, the art of jumping out the airplane door at the right time to land in the middle of a ten-foot circle might sound like some sorta voodoo.

The Difference Between Graduating AFF and Earning Your A-license

» May 16, 2017

To earn your solo skydiving license, you'll have two hurdles to cross: completing your AFF and earning your USPA A-license. These are two distinct entities.

What is the Difference Between Skydiving and Paragliding?

» April 24, 2017

Skydiving and paragliding are the two most practiced airsports in the world. Here are some of the other spot-the-difference hints in the skydiving vs paragliding game.

5 Tips To Avoid A Bad Skydiving Experience

» April 24, 2017

As you chart your journey to the sky, you're gonna need some baseline information. Here are the quick-and-dirty details to get your skydive started off in the right direction.

First Jump Experience: Tandem Skydive vs AFF

» March 29, 2017

While many people choose tandem skydiving for their first jump, here at Jumptown, first-timers can also make their very first skydive solo. Of course each method has its pros and cons. We explore the differences between tandem skydiving and AFF to help you determine which first jump experience is right for you!

How To Become A Great Skydiver

» March 27, 2017

Ready to get into skydiving? To become a great skydiver takes persistence. Here are valuable tips on going from rookie to certified professional skydiver.

How Dangerous Is Skydiving?

» February 21, 2017

Everyone knows that--like everything in this life that's worthwhile--there's risk involved. But what exactly are those risks in skydiving? Most folks who ask us this question are looking for a more technical, data based response than the standard "aw, no, bro; don't worry; you'll be fine.

How to Convince Your Parents To Let You Skydive

» February 14, 2017

If you're the spawn of boss-level worriers, hang in there! We have a few pointers to help you navigate the process of convincing your parents to let you skydive.

The Amazing Story of Jacques-André Istel, Jumptown’s Original Founder

» February 14, 2017

Jacques-André Istel--our original founder, is one of skydiving's living legends. Read about his enormous impact on Jumptown and the sport of skydiving.

Skydiving: The Ultimate Amusement Park

» January 24, 2017

Skydiving is not just a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It's more like an amusement park, an epic activity to enjoy again and again, year after year.

Can You Go Skydiving In The Winter?

» January 24, 2017

While you certainly can go skydiving when it's cold, we believe that a great skydive is worth waiting for--and we suggest that you wait to jump until the warmer weather arrives.

The History of Parachutes Incorporated at Jumptown

» November 22, 2016

Did you know that the Orange Municipal Airport is the home of the very first purpose-built skydiving center in the entire US? Read about Jumptown's rich history.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Skydive?

» November 15, 2016

We get this question a lot from parents with eager teens tugging at their sleeves. Here we answer the question, how old you have to be to go skydiving.

Is It Scary to Skydive?

» October 25, 2016

The thought of skydiving is a hundred times scarier than the process of actually doing it. That's no surprise--your imagination has a lot of fuel to cook up a crazy story about what a skydive is going to feel like; what might happen; how it's gonna go.

Is There a Weight Limit to Skydive?

» October 19, 2016

The skydiving weight limit for tandems at Jumptown isn't about prejudice; it's about hard mathematics and our dropzone's dedicated emphasis on safety. Let us try to explain.

What You Should Know About Tandem Skydiving

» September 28, 2016

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly? To soar through the air with the wind in your hair? To know what it feels like to freefall at 120mph? For first timers, tandem skydiving is the perfect way to find out! Here we explain what to know about booking your skydive and what to expect on the day of your skydive.

Skydiving Altitude: What You Need To Know

» September 15, 2016

The skydiving altitude you jump from is an important part of your skydiving experience. Here, we explain what difference it makes.

Skydiving Safety: Are The Risks Acceptable?

» August 23, 2016

It's pretty mysterious up there in the sky, isn't it? What awaits you on your first skydiving experience is an enigma when you're starting to make your plans.

5 Things You Should Know Before You Book A Tandem Skydive

» August 16, 2016

Get the inside scoop on what to look for when you're shopping around to make a tandem skydive. Some distinctions between skydiving centers are easy to miss.

Do I Have What It Takes to Skydive?

» July 19, 2016

Asking yourself the question... should I go skydiving? Unarguably one of life's great adventures, find out whether you have what it takes to skydive.

Skydiving vs Bungee Jumping … Which Is Scarier?

» July 5, 2016

Trying to decide between skydiving or bungee jumping? Both are fantastic sports for anyone who wants an adrenaline rush. But, which is scarier?

Can Skydiving Be Therapeutic?

» June 22, 2016

Can skydiving be a form of therapy? Read here to learn about the benefits of skydiving and why therapists wish they could prescribe it!

Is Skydiving Like a Roller Coaster?

» June 15, 2016

While both attract adrenaline junkies and can be the source of epic levels of fun, skydiving and roller coasters differ in a number of ways. Here, we'll explain what makes skydiving unique.

What to Expect When You Tandem Skydive at Jumptown

» May 26, 2016

If you're scheduled to make a tandem skydive, congratulations! We look forward to hosting you! Chances are you may be unsure of what to expect, so we spell it out for you right here!

Is Skydiving Worth It?

» April 12, 2016

If you asked anyone from the Boston skydiving community, you would get a resounding 'yes' in answer. It's totally worth it! But if you were to ask the same people 'why do you skydive?' you would get a huge range of answers.

Skydiving Boston: 4 Great Reasons to Choose Jumptown

» April 4, 2016

The New England skydiving scene is rich and historic, and without knowing much about skydiving you probably won't know who to choose. Of course, we want you to choose Jumptown not just because we want you to spend money with us, but we want you to have the best experience money can buy.

Jumper Profile: Al King

» April 29, 2015

Al King is the USPA Northeast Regional Director and member of Jumptown. He's been woven in the fabric of New England skydiving and has seen and done a lot in the sport. This week, we catch up with Al King.

Skydiver Profile: Matt Veno

» April 20, 2015

Matt has more than 800 skydives, of which 500+ are wingsuiting. When he's not in a wingsuit, Matt is an avid skier and hiker and can usually be found with the awesome flockers at the Northeast Bird School.

Top 10 Reasons to Skydive

» April 8, 2015

"Why would anyone want to jump from a perfectly good airplane?" We give you 10 GREAT REASONS!!!

Jumper Profile: Andreea Olea

» November 10, 2014

On the weekends, she can be found at Jumptown in Orange, MA but her passion of wingsuit flying are taking her to places she never imagined. Learn about Andreea's journey and future goals in this week's Jumper Profile.

The Rewards of Skydiving

» November 2, 2014

No matter what we do in life, there is an element of risk. Unfortunately, the news media tends to focus on one side of skydiving... the risk. Seldom are the rewards highlighted. Here, we highlight the rewards of a sport we love.

Why Jump From a Perfectly Good Airplane?

» October 30, 2014

Why Jump from a Perfectly Good Airplane?

Why would anyone want to jump from a perfectly good airplane? If a skydiver was given a dollar for every time they heard that... they'd be rich. It's hard for people to get their heads around this concept. Most skydivers find it difficult to explain the 'why' for this so called madness, but here's the answer... FREEDOM.

Five Best Skydiving Destinations In The World

» October 3, 2014

This week we ask the question: if you could skydive anywhere in the world, where would it be? With opportunities to make a jump in just about every corner of the globe, the options are overwhelming. However, there are a few places whose beauty is best appreciated from 13,000 feet. Check out our list of The World's Most Beautiful Skydiving Destinations.

Top 10 Record Breaking Skydives!

» September 18, 2014

World records don't come easy - especially in skydiving as the boundaries being pushed could be disastrous! We feature the Top 10 World Skydiving World Records in History!

Top 6 DZ Dance Off Challenge

» September 17, 2014

About a two months ago, Melanie Curtis, Jorge Alonso and our friends at Skydive Carolina were all sitting around the dropzone waiting for the clouds to clear when they had an idea - create a dance, and challenge the rest of the skydiving world to beat them!

Jumptown Featured in the Boston Globe

» August 19, 2014

Billy Baker of the Boston Globe visited Jumptown and reported on the highs and lows of a tightly knit community enjoying the thrills and freedom skydiving brings and the loss of losing a brother.

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