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License to Fly: Skydiving Licenses Explained

» September 11, 2018

Learn the differences between each skydiving license and what you can do with each!

Skydiving Terminology & Glossary

» September 6, 2018

Welcome to the world of skydiving!!! If you're new to the DZ ( dropzone ), be prepared to learn an entirely new language! Fear not, we've got a comprehensive list to get you started!

Can You Skydive with Glasses or Contact Lenses and More Questions Answered

» August 18, 2018

Find out the answer to your pining question, can you skydive with glasses or contact lenses; as well as more questions answered for your first time skydiving!

Why Skydiving in Massachusetts is Awesome!

» August 13, 2018

Learn why skydiving in Massachusetts is awesome and why you should come to Jumptown in Massachusetts over those other states.

The Fun Culture of Skydiving

» August 2, 2018

The skydiving culture goes way beyond skydiving. Learn how the skydiving culture permeates the people in the sport and why it is so magnetizing.

Can You Skydive While Sick, High, or Drunk?

» July 23, 2018

Find out if you should jump from an airplane while your sick, high, or drunk as well as the consequences of jumping under the influence or if you aren't feeling well.

How to Skydive for the First Time

» June 20, 2018

Curious how to skydive for the first time? Learn about the choices for your first skydive.

What is a Skydiving Canopy Course and Why it's important

» May 28, 2018

We give you the lowdown on what a canopy course is in skydiving and why every skydiver should partake in one.

What it Takes to Get on a World Record Skydive

» May 24, 2018

Find out what it takes to get on a World Record skydive and experience the ultimate experience!

All About Skydiving Jump Planes

» May 2, 2018

Learn about different skydiving jump planes and why we love jumping from a Twin Otter at Jumptown!

Skydiving Parachute Opening

» May 1, 2018

Everyone wants to know what happens if the parachute doesn't open. Learn about how skydiving parachutes open and modern parachute emergency procedures.

Wind Tunnels Vs Skydiving

» April 14, 2018

Find out how wind tunnels compare to skydiving and what makes indoor skydiving and regular skydiving great!

5 Reasons to Try AFF Skydiving

» April 8, 2018

Do you like to learn how to do things on your own? Take control and learn how to skydive with AFF skydiving!

How Many Jumps Before Solo Skydiving?

» March 16, 2018

Find out how many jumps it takes before you are skydiving by yourself!

Do people pass out, pee their pants, scream or puke skydiving?

» March 6, 2018

Find out the different types of reactions first-time skydivers may have! v

Jumptown Skydiving Safety Day 2018

» February 7, 2018

Jumptown Skydiving Safety day will be held March 24, 2018, and this is an event that every skydiver should not miss.

What Equipment Do You Really Need For Skydiving at Jumptown?

» February 2, 2018

The gear you need to simply survive your jumps only covers the bare-bones basics. The equipment needed for skydiving is just a small part of the equipment you'll eventually want to make sure is in your gear bag. Here's a reasonably comprehensive skydiving equipment list.

The Skydiving Life & Times of the Inimitable Fred Olsen

» January 17, 2018

Every diehard skydiver has a fun origin story, but Fred's just might take the cake. Case in point: I'm in stitches within a minute of asking Fred Olsen to tell me his.