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Jumper Profile: Al King

» April 29, 2015

Al King is the USPA Northeast Regional Director and member of Jumptown. He's been woven in the fabric of New England skydiving and has seen and done a lot in the sport. This week, we catch up with Al King.

Skydiver Profile: Matt Veno

» April 20, 2015

Matt has more than 800 skydives, of which 500+ are wingsuiting. When he's not in a wingsuit, Matt is an avid skier and hiker and can usually be found with the awesome flockers at the Northeast Bird School.

Top 10 Reasons to Skydive

» April 8, 2015

"Why would anyone want to jump from a perfectly good airplane?" We give you 10 GREAT REASONS!!!

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I just wanted to be sure I expressed my sincere thanks for a wonderful experience!

» Luana M.