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Jumper Profile: Andreea Olea

» November 10, 2014

On the weekends, she can be found at Jumptown in Orange, MA but her passion of wingsuit flying are taking her to places she never imagined. Learn about Andreea's journey and future goals in this week's Jumper Profile.

The Rewards of Skydiving

» November 2, 2014

No matter what we do in life, there is an element of risk. Unfortunately, the news media tends to focus on one side of skydiving... the risk. Seldom are the rewards highlighted. Here, we highlight the rewards of a sport we love.

Why Jump From a Perfectly Good Airplane?

» October 30, 2014

Why Jump from a Perfectly Good Airplane?

Why would anyone want to jump from a perfectly good airplane? If a skydiver was given a dollar for every time they heard that... they'd be rich. It's hard for people to get their heads around this concept. Most skydivers find it difficult to explain the 'why' for this so called madness, but here's the answer... FREEDOM.

Five Best Skydiving Destinations In The World

» October 3, 2014

This week we ask the question: if you could skydive anywhere in the world, where would it be? With opportunities to make a jump in just about every corner of the globe, the options are overwhelming. However, there are a few places whose beauty is best appreciated from 13,000 feet. Check out our list of The World's Most Beautiful Skydiving Destinations.

Top 10 Record Breaking Skydives!

» September 18, 2014

World records don't come easy - especially in skydiving as the boundaries being pushed could be disastrous! We feature the Top 10 World Skydiving World Records in History!

Top 6 DZ Dance Off Challenge

» September 17, 2014

About a two months ago, Melanie Curtis, Jorge Alonso and our friends at Skydive Carolina were all sitting around the dropzone waiting for the clouds to clear when they had an idea - create a dance, and challenge the rest of the skydiving world to beat them!

Jumptown Featured in the Boston Globe

» August 19, 2014

Billy Baker of the Boston Globe visited Jumptown and reported on the highs and lows of a tightly knit community enjoying the thrills and freedom skydiving brings and the loss of losing a brother.