Pepperell Skydiving

Pepperell Skydiving

When it comes to skydiving Pepperell, we know you have options. And we encourage you to explore them. Whether you're an experienced skydiver or thinking about your first jump, it's important to choose a dropzone that's right for you. Far too many people rush into booking a skydive at the closest dropzone or the first one listed in Google search results without doing any additional homework. As no two dropzones are alike, it's key for individuals to feel comfortable with the staff, vibe, safety record, etc. Read more tips on selecting a dropzone.

What Makes Us Different

Jumptown is unique in several ways. For one, we are operated by the Massachusetts Sport Parachute Club (SPC), a not-for-profit organization with one goal only... to further the love and enjoyment of this sport! We are proud members of the United States Parachute Association and each of our instructors meet all certified USPA requirements. This means that every tandem instructor has a minimum of 500 jumps before being allowed to gain instructor certification - and most of our instructors have thousands more under their belt. We are highly selective about who we hire because the people are what ultimately "make" the experience for our guests.

Located in beautiful Orange, MA, Jumptown is about an hour west of Pepperell. If you're researching skydiving centers near you, we encourage you to read testimonials from our customers or contact us with any questions you have. Whether or not you choose Jumptown for your Pepperell skydiving adventure (and we hope you do), we encourage you to try skydiving at least once in your life. We guarantee you won't regret it!