If you want to become a skydiver in the shortest possible time and you're ready to commit to an intense four-day learning experience, look into Jumptown's unique AFF Camp.

The aim of the AFF Camp is to provide a more personal group learning environment, based on discussion and information sharing. The course is demanding, and for this reason classes are limited to 4 persons.


The program begins in the training room Thursday 8:00 am sharp with the First Jump Course (FJC).

This is the main theory portion of the weekend covering topics including:

  • Motivation
  • Risk management
  • Gear inspections
  • Aircraft safety
  • Freefall techniques
  • Canopy control
  • Landing patterns
  • Emergency responses

This class will take 7-8 hours including breaks and will end with a group recap/review of all material.

Then it's time to team up with your instructors and perform the first jump of the course AFF CAT-A.

As the weekend progresses you will participate in all jump planning, including equipment inspections, exit and freefall rehearsals and most importantly - preparing your flight plan using wind speed and direction forecasts to calculate exit and opening points, intended canopy flight path and a landing pattern.

Each and every skydive is a pre-planned sequence of events. Nothing is left to chance.

Remember: Skydiving is weather dependant. If the weather cooperates and you remain focused, our aim is for AFF Camp students to complete the course and jump solo by Sunday afternoon.

For those wanting to avoid the traffic or to enjoy sitting by the campfire, Jumptown has a comfortable bunkhouse, hot showers and a common kitchen on site to make for a comfortable stay.

Stay one night or all three nights! Just be sure to let manifest know if you need accommodation when you book your AFF Camp slot.

What Is Included:

  • Ground school
  • 8 Jumps
  • Free accommodation in our bunkhouse or campground for the duration of the camp


Camps start every Thursday during the season.



AFF Camp offers big savings over our regular AFF course. *If you need to repeat any of the jumps to complete the program, they will be charged at our regular rates.


To book an AFF Camp slot, please call (978) 544-5321.

Not sure which AFF program is right for you? Contact a team member and we'll be glad to answer any questions you have.

AFF Camp

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