Sisters in Skydiving

Sisters in Skydiving

Do you happen to be a lady who jumps at Jumptown? If so, then you're on the events page specifically designed for you! Welcome to the Sisters in Skydiving Jumptown Event page! Tune in here and on the Facebook page for regular updates!

Mission: To foster the growth and camaraderie of female skydivers!

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Upcoming Dates

May 20

Jumptowns First Sisters In Skydiving Event for 2017

» 9:00 am - Dusk | May 20

» Sisters in Skydiving

Jul 29

Sisters In Skydiving event

» 9:00 am - Dusk | July 29

» Sisters in Skydiving

Sep 2

Sisters In Skydiving Final Season Event

» 9:00 am - Dusk | Sep 2

» Sisters in Skydiving

DVD & Stills

Paul spent time talking with me, Diane looked out for me and Dan became my new best friend as my tandem instructor.

» Kathleen S.