Thursday, July 24, 2014

Why Jumptown?
Whether you're thinking of making a thrilling tandem skydive, becoming an AFF skydiving student, or are already an experienced skydiver, Jumptown is the place for you.

Situated on a municipal airport with multiple five thousand foot long runways, our facility was built from the ground up with one goal: to promote and support safe and fun skydiving. Operated by the Massachusetts Sport Parachute Club, a not-for-profit organization, Jumptown has something for everyone. Our multi-engined Twin Otter aircraft will get you to jump altitude quickly, but we have on-site food service and a shaded observation area for the folks who've come to watch. Our facility was designed to support skydiving, and there are classrooms, team rooms, showers, and indoor packing space.

For the person who wants to make a tandem skydive, we have a dedicated tandem reception area and classroom. You'll go through training and make your tandem skydive the same day. If weather conditions don't permit you to jump that day, we'll reschedule your skydive, and give you priority on your next visit.  Weather permitting, we take all of our tandems to 13,500 feet, something not every dropzone offers.

If you're interested in becoming a skydiver, our Accelerated Freefall Program will safely and thoroughly prepare you for your first jump, and at your pace, help you progress through the program and earn your license. We have rental gear, jumpsuits, and the accessories you'll need. Most importantly, we've got instructors who are eager to help you at every step of the way.

Licensed skydivers can check in at manifest, do paperwork, and get skydiving. We have organizers for RW and freefly, and CRW dawgs and Wingsuiters will find company, too. Our Jumptown calendar will show when guest organizers and special events are scheduled, so keep checking it.

Jumptown's a busy place, but safety is a priority. From instructors and coaches having recurrency training, to the one-of-a-kind annual refresher courses completed by our Twin Otter pilots, we want everyone to be focused on performing at their best. And even though we're experts in safety, we're experts in fun, too.

Check out Jumptown. Let us show you why we think it's the best dropzone around.