Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tandem Packages

Jumptown is pleased to offer you your choice of three first time tandem packages. The customer is our number one priority and we specialize in giving the tandem customer exactly what they ask for. Whether you prefer the basic package which is the tandem only, or a tandem with a professionally edited DVD package, or a VIP tandem which is the ultimate tandem experience for the customer who prefers one on one attention, no waiting, and all the frills that go along with it Jumptown is the place for you.

At Jumptown no matter which package you prefer we do not cut any corners. We offer you the most up to date and safest equipment, instructors, and aircraft available. Our classes are taught only by Licensed United States Parachute Association Tandem Masters, our equipment is packed by Licensed Federal Aviation Administration Riggers only and our Aircraft Pilots go through an extensive training program each and every year before they get into a Jumptown aircraft.

Jumptown's safety procedures and regulations far surpass anything that is required in an all ready heavily safety regulated industry and our safety record shows that the attention to detail pays off for our customers.

No matter which package you choose you will be taken to the highest altitude possible. On most days (unless weather plays a role) Jumptown prides itself on taking our tandems all the way to 13,500 feet for the longest freefall time and highest altitude you will find anywhere. Why not get the most for your money. We not only say we are going to take you that high - we do take you that high!!!!

So now that you have chosen Jumptown choose which tandem best fits your individual needs:

** All prices reflect the 3% discount for CASH. **

The Basic Tandem : Only $235

If you want to experience the thrill of a lifetime at an affordable price the basic package may be for you. This package includes everything you need to make your first tandem skydive.

  • Classroom Instruction with a Licensed United States Parachute Association Tandem Instructor
  • Gear Rental
  • Instructor Fees
  • Airplane Ride
  • Skydive
  • Parachute Packing by Licensed Federal Aviation Administration Rigger
  • First Jump Certificate
  • Video options (additional charges apply)
    • DVD & Still Pictures on CD-ROM $125 (plus tax)
    • Handicam (inside video only) $95 (plus tax)
    • Still Pictures only on CD-ROM $95 (plus tax)

The VIP Tandem Only: $425 

For a once in a lifetime thrill this package is first class all the way! You will have your own personal tandem instructor to serve your every skydiving need. No sitting in a classroom with a bunch of other people.

You get personal one on one attention throughout. When you're done with the ground training, you gear up and go right to the plane. You have priority from the minute you walk through the door and start the registration process. No waiting your turn with the class - you are the class!!!

This package includes:

  • Personal One on One Instruction with a Licensed United States Parachute Association Instructor
  • All Gear Rental
  • Instructor Fees with your own Personal Instructor
  • Priority Manifesting (Registration, Getting on the Airplane, etc).
  • Airplane Ride to 13,500 feet
  • Skydive
  • Parachute Packing by Licensed Federal Aviation Administration Rigger
  • Professionally Edited DVD of the Ground Preparation, Free Fall, and Canopy Flight
  • CD-ROM of Still Photographs
  • Framed First Jump Certificate
  • Commemorative T-shirt

When you land, your adventure culminates with your choice of t-shirt and framed certificate to proclaim your achievement to the world. Feel the power, the thrill and the excitement over and over again with your professionally edited DVD!