Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jumptown "VIP" AFF Camp
Please watch out for "imitation" Camps that may not live up to Jumptown's strict standards. This is Jumptown's EIGHTH SEASON offering the VIP Camp and we have dedicated all the staff and resources that it takes to make this camp a success for YOU. Last season an incredible 95% of our camp participants went on to get their A Licenses. This year let it be you!

The Camp is an expedited AFF training program conducted over 4 days. The program takes you from your first jump training class and first jump through to your solo status skydive. At that point you will be able to jump on your own. The class size is limited so your needs are easily accommodated.

This program allows you to progress at your own rate in a supportive curriculum. This type of individualized attention caters to all ability levels and enables you to quickly develop competent skydiving skills.

The course starts on Thursday mornings at 9AM with ground school. You will learn how the equipment works, how to control yourself in freefall, how to fly and land a parachute, and emergency procedures. Later that day you will do the first jump, a Category A Skydive.

Friday through Sunday are devoted to learning the freefall and parachute skills needed to take you through your Category E-2 skydive and graduation to solo freefall status. This can be done in as few as 8 jumps. You will begin training and jumping with two instructors and eventually with just one instructor. This will be your personal instructor through the rest of the program.

After finishing the Camp portion of your training (8 jumps minimum) you are then qualified to jump on your own and with coaches while you continue to work towards your first license, the USPA basic "A" license. There is a minimum requirement of 25 jumps in order to receive an A license.

Please note that weather conditions play an important role in skydiving. Bad weather days can be utilized by training in other areas (packing a parachute, etc). However, it is possible to get weathered out and not finish the jumps. You can still come out any Thursday through Sunday to finish where you left off.

AFF Camps will begin on Thursday, April 10th, 2014 and will continue each and every Thursday from then on. Space is very limited in these camps so please make your reservation early. Call Diane at 978-544-5321 or email her at to make your reservation.

Specially Priced at $1,495.00 - includes First Jump Course, First Eight Jumps and One Year Membership in the United States Parachute Association - Save $120.00 Over the Regular Price.

The camp fee of $1,495.00 is non-refundable. Please make sure you are committed to the entire camp before signing up. No exceptions!!

* The $1,495.00 fee covers 8 jumps only (3 two jumpmaster jumps and 5 one jumpmaster jumps). If you need to repeat a level during the camp you will be charged the regular price of $205.00 for a two jumpmaster jump or $175.00 for a one jumpmaster jump. *

** All prices reflect the 3% discount for CASH. **

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